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I’m Zoë Farrell from Longford, Ireland and I created Musicwand as a twitter profile in January 2014. I set it up because I was hearing of so many artists here in Ireland and internationally, who were making an impact on the industry via the new ‘digital age’.

As I followed these artists I gained followers varying from artist managers, record labels, promoters, journalists, radio DJs and stations, festivals, venues, on-line platforms, magazines and the many genres of artists themselves.

My background experience includes senior office administration, insurance administration, PA, secretary, customer services, energy healing, stage production, TV & film production, bookings, PR and songwriting.  I love the music industry and always will, from promotion to volunteering at music festivals. I attend gigs regularly of emerging artists to established ones. I’m forever interested and I enjoy supporting the variety of artists that we all know and love and look forward to the new sounds and acts that are breaking through all the time.

I have written reviews on this site for the following artists and events such as:

Jamie Duff, Scott Maher, Katie Gallagher, Roisin El Cherif, Barry Jay Hughes, Grainne Hunt, Christian Collins, Scoops, Winters End, Eoin Boyle, Niall Cash, Rosa Nutty, The New Social, Laoise, Peco, Shane Hynes, LazyRevs, The Declan Sessions, Colin Deady, The Stoles, The Southern Fold, Chris Brady, Kyle Britton, Riah Butler, Mosley Bar, Olivia Burke, BARE in the Woods, Project West, Graham J, Shawbrook Forest Dance Centre, Bianca Fachel, Prison Love, St. Simeon & The Stylites, Litehouse, Small Fish, R.S.A.G.

Also, I’ve posted press releases on behalf of the many established PRs, agencies and management companies in Ireland, the UK and USA.

My site has become a much valued archive of reviews and releases and although I don’t write these anymore, I still support many artists via my twitter account and by going to their gigs and meeting them first hand, which to me is always the best approach.

Currently I handle bookings and PR for Irish folk-pop artist KTG a.k.a Katie Gallagher

Regards, Zoë   —–   7th January 2019

t: @Musicwand

f: ZFMusicwand

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