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Hi there, I’m Zoë from Ireland.   I love music, I scribble down lyrics from time to time, always loved going to concerts and still do.  I created a twitter profile @Musicwand over a year and a half ago.  I have gained over 1000 followers from all areas of the music industry worldwide and it has evolved many times from my initial reason for creating it.  I started it up to follow and support Irish artists and bands who I’d been hearing about on the live circuit and the venues and festivals that they were performing at.  That then lead to the radio stations/DJs who were playing these artists to the PR/Management who were representing them.  I would basically retweet and favourite these profilers’ tweets (and their thank you tweets to me) regarding new releases, gig dates, photo/video shoots, radio/TV appearances etc and therefore, attracting more followers from their profiles and so on.  A lot of artists started sending me direct messages with links to their videos and music and asking me to review them.  I’ve been doing this more frequently with the more artists I follow and the ones that I meet at gigs and showcases.  I tweet their links on my feed with a few words, the tweet-sized review was born.  More recently, I’ve started to review more EPs, singles and albums and that is why I’m at this stage and on this platform.  I look forward to writing more about other aspects of the industry, along with the reviews in more detail too.  I will end of by saying this, I am absolutely astounded by the size of the talent pool out there, especially in Ireland too.  Solo artists, duo, trios, bands of all genres and nationalities are keeping the industry going and I’m glad to be a part of it in any way I can.  I love music!  Z

©  Zoë Farrell  @Musicwand

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