Roisin El Cherif – ‘Kerosene’ Video (original) and ‘Addiction’ (original) Live at The Ruby Sessions, Dublin

Roisin is a new and very credible Irish singer-songwriter on the music scene and her profile is rising.  With a background in TV and Video Production to her distinct credit, she wrote, co-directed and produced this debut video of her song ‘Kerosene’.

The video is simply stunning and much kudos to her production crew as well as to Roisin herself for her vision and creativity.  Each scene is timed perfectly with the story of the song and how it progresses to the end.  The timing of each scene and vision mixing is vital in a music video of this style.   I was watching a short music film essentially with Roisin as the leading actress and her phantom guises supporting her.  The locations, props, wardrobe and lighting were so impressive, they amplified the message of the song with all its contrasts and where she was amongst it all.  The song itself deserves a mention as due to it there would be no stunning visual artwork. It’s a deep lyrical and melodic piece where the subject matter has caused past hurt and pain.  A very universal theme and her musical arrangement compliments the lyrics and her raw vocal so well.  I love when she takes the chorus of the song in another tangent towards the end as it makes it more interesting and she is showing us an instinctive skill to her song-writing talent.

The setting for the live performance of ‘Addiction’ at The Ruby Sessions in Dublin is very intimate.  It is a small performance area with the red curtain backdrop and burning candles stage left and right offering hints of romance and passion.   Just like the song it’s very intimate and her vocal performance and musical arrangement of just guitar and piano, is passionate.  This song is again full of so much lyrical style and structure, she has convinced me as a singer-songwriter and I’ve become a big fan.  Roisin draws you towards her in the first ten seconds of the song that again you want to be with her to the end to hear and see where she takes it.  She and her co-musician build the vocal and musical arrangements at the vital parts of the song, where we can hear in the lyrics that the ‘Addiction’ is overwhelming and she needs to let go because it won’t.

I love Roisin’s visions and imagery and I can only imagine that place where she goes to bring us these melodies and lyrics she constructs so very well.  To me, she is sharing a world where Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks reside in and I will take that anytime.  I definitely want to hear more and I look forward to doing so.  I would also like to recommend her other songs ‘Spy’, ‘Vampire’, ‘Skeletons’ and a very fresh and respectable cover of ‘As Long As You Love Me’ which are all currently on You Tube.

Roisin will be performing in the King Kong Club on April 5th and here is where you can find her elsewhere online:

©  Zoë Farrell

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