Kula Shaker 5th Studio Album ‘K2.0’


Released their 5th studio album Titled ‘K 2.0’ ON FEB 12th


Kula Shaker have finally emerged from the silence and mark their return with a new album. On 12 February 2016 the band released their 5th studio album on the Strangefolk label.


Titled ‘K 2.0’, the 11 track record was produced by Crispian Mills, Alonza Bevan, and Duck Blackwell and recorded at State of the Ark, London, England and at Lompret Sound, deep in the heart of Walloon country, Belgium. The album was engineered by Alonza Bevan and Duck Blackwell, and mixed by Duck Blackwell at The Duckpond.


Kula Shaker are best known for the 1996 multi-platinum ‘K’, which became one of the fastest selling UK debuts ever. The band soon followed up with their second album ‘Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts’ and after a six-year absence Kula returned with the brilliant album ‘Strangefolk’ in 2007  and in 2010 the band released their fourth album, Pilgrims Progress to critical acclaim but the Kula Shaker story doesn’t end there…


Kula Shaker are: Crispian Mills (vocals / guitars) / Alonza Bevan (bass) / Paul Winterhart (drums) / Harry Broadbent (keyboards)


The track listing is as follows:

  1. Infinite Sun 
  2. Holy Flame                                    
  3. Death of Democracy                       
  4. Let Love B (with U)                        
  5. Here come my Demons            
  6. 33 Crows                                                
  7. Oh Mary                                               
  8. High Noon                                    
  9. HariBol (the sweetest sweet)
  10. Get Right Get Ready                        
  11. Mountain Lifter


Check out the album teaser here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlLuTzigh3w

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