Roisin El Cherif – New Single Release & Video Premiere ‘Glass House’ – Yamamori Tengu Dublin Sat 13th Oct






Ambient-pop female artist Roisin El Cherif is releasing her new single Glass House from her Debut EP of the same title.

The single launch and video premiere are taking place in Yamamori Tengu in Dublin 7.30pm Saturday 13th October 2018

Over the last few years since the release of her debut single Kerosene, Roisin has graced many stages as support act to Ham Sandwich and The Stunning  and in her own right as a headliner at many reputable Irish venues and festivals.  Some of these include Body & Soul, Electric Picnic, Sunflowerfest and Canalaphonic.  She was selected from a significant number of acts to perform on the Unsigned Act Stage at the northwest’s favourite music festival Sea Sessions.

In 2017, Roisin was approached by Ken Callait, producer of one of the most significant albums ever released, Fleetwood Mac: Rumours to attend ArtistMax.  This is an LA based three day mentoring and songwriting workshop.  A steady background in TV and Film production has in turn been extremely beneficial to Roisin as she is producer and director of her own music videos to her very distinct credit.  This Dublin based artist constructs her melodies and lyrics to such a high standard just like her influences Florence and the Machine, Stevie Nicks, Fever Ray and Tracy Chapman would do.  As a live performer she makes her presence felt and delivers a solid, magnetic performance that has not gone unnoticed by many industry insiders.

The new video for Glass House is another entry into Roisin’s production catalogue, that she has both directed and starred in.  She is proud to announce that Helen Shaver, revered director of TV Drama Vikings, is featured in the video.


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