Scott Maher – ‘I Don’t Fit In’ Music Video

Scott Maher

Scott Maher

When I reviewed the ‘Butterfly’ album by Scott, his third, last autumn, I had this to say about the song ‘I Don’t Fit In’.

‘It raises the tempo and I’m hearing lyrics about non-conforming and trusting your instincts, a good mindfulness lesson.’

This has definitely crossed over into the video, the actual picture of the song.  The theme of acceptance and going through the motions of life until you finally find your tribe, your people, the ones you will eventually connect with.

At the start we see a man getting up out of bed in the morning, nothing unusual about that, we all do it.  But not all of us are automatically wearing a costume rabbit’s head before we get dressed.  We then see him preparing carrots for breakfast on his own.  He drives to the park on his own.  He’s kicking a ball up against the wall and running around on his own. He sits by a holy statue on his own.  He’s watching a football match on his laptop on his own.  It’s a one man with a rabbit head show and it’s interesting.  He’s engaging and I want to see how it all pans out.  This is great visual directing, as the song continues it’s in rhythm with the motion picture going on and the scenes have good pace and great timing.  Scott is narrating and the editing is very good.

He walks a lonely road and seems used to hostility.  Being stared at by a barking dog in the back of a car, a passer-by takes his ball off him in an aggressive way, he goes to enter an outdoor soccer area but it’s locked and he’s troubled by it.  He takes a deep breath and walks away.  He seems used to this kind of rejection and it maybe sad, but the silver lining is he’s a non-conformist.  He does accept himself even if the rest of humanity and nature don’t.  He does leave the house, he goes and does what he likes to do. He is fitting in, in his own way.  He’s curious and territorial, just like a rabbit is.  Is this why he spends his time in the park?  What is he looking for?

In the closing scenes the mood takes on a lighter note and a happier surprise.  At first he’s curious as he doesn’t know what to expect and turns away to leave only to be invited back by an offer to play ball.  It’s a sensitive twist and we see his body language become shy and awkward.  Does he take off the rabbit’s head?  You’re just going to have to watch it and find out!

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