Scott Maher – The Butterfly Album

Genres are sometimes difficult to define in modern music, than they were around fifty years ago.

And when artists are showing their musicality by creating songs from various genres, it’s not always welcomed sometimes by the industry who just want the artist to remain under one heading, stick to it and sell it.

I personally wouldn’t doubt an artist for trying and experimenting what feels comfortable to them and I don’t doubt Scott Maher.

‘The Butterfly Album’ is his third album and has a very exciting mix of acoustic, rock, folk, latin and a little bit of country throughout it.

His vocal ability to adapt to each style is worthy and pleasing to the ear.

I can’t compare him to anyone out there at the moment as I haven’t heard anybody that can sing like him. The twelve songs touch on elements of love, fun, acceptance, gratefulness and self-belief and the vocal and musical arrangements complement these so well.

They didn’t need any more or less than what they became, it’s not an over-produced album.

‘Butterfly’ is delicate and the vocal harmonies and arrangement stay true to the song’s deep meaning.

My only criticism would be that I didn’t think it suited the track 1 slot, not a disaster, all is well.

‘I Don’t Fit In’ raises the tempo and I’m hearing lyrics about non-conforming and trusting your instincts, a good mindfulness lesson. Then ‘Touchdown’ is of a similar musical style and the contrast of lyrics suggesting it’s OK to make mistakes and having to face reality happens to us all.

‘Machu Pichu’ and ‘Every Colour In My Sky’  are the nods to latin with positive vibes and hopeful lyrical content in both.

It songs like these that shows us his outlook on life and he and the arrangements, are being kind to the subjects and situations he’s singing about.

Upbeat and fun no matter what.

‘If We Were Lovers’ is a flirtatious and fun composition, then coming to take over the world is ‘In This House’ which has the feel good factor masterfully strewn all over it.

The subject matter is serious but it’s not taken seriously thanks to the melody.

This is the one where you shake the head and throw shapes and remember life if for living.

I love the backing vocals as they emphasise this even more and it’s ready-made for radio, very contemporary and a definite crowd pleaser at a gig.

It has been a very long time since I’ve heard such a romantic, emotional, passionate performance which is the only way I can describe ‘First Dance’.

Sincere writing kudos to Scott on this, it came from a place that took me to another place, I’m hearing a different singer and a better one.

A subtle, heartfelt and endearing song, it’s a perfect wedding song (ahem marketing) and can definitely hold its head high among the many considered love songs ever released.

‘Right Place Wrong Time’ brings some attitude to his rock element of the album, missing opportunities and not caring.

‘Too Late To Change’ and ‘Still Have Everything’ share a common thread of acoustic and percussion coming together and creating a haunting tone to the melodies of both, this works really well with the contrasting lyrics of each song.

And so he ends with ‘Tip Toe’ which for me was completely unexpected and welcomed at the same time.

This is where country and rockabilly meet, an up tempo, respectful nod to both genres with a modern feel that would please Johnny Cash and Eddie Cochrane.

It’s the ‘good night from me’ song and is very aptly placed as the final track of the album, sending me off in a feel-good mood but leaving me wanting to hear one more tune.

Tracks to note:  I don’t fit in, First dance, If we were lovers, In this house, Machu Pichu, Every Colour in my sky and Tip toe.

©  Zoë Farrell

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