The Southern Fold – ‘A True Ascension From The Wayward Path’ EP

Southern Fold


The Southern Fold:

Emlyn Holden – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Bass
Laura Hand – Vocals
Joe Maher – Electric Guitar, EBow
Frieda Freytag – Cello, Piano

EP Track Listing:  1. Death Country  2. Romance in Morphine  3. Brand New Day  4. Home From The War  5. Not On My Side  6. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Alternative Folk and Country is how this band describes themselves.  After listening to their debut EP for a while now I could easily add Americana and a sprinkling of Blues to the mix also.  In its entirety it is a true folk and country depiction.

The six tracks are short stories that carry very experienced messages and lessons thanks to the articulate penmanship and synchronised velvet vocals of Emlyn and Laura.  Their coming together was definitely an organic thing and you’ll feel this immediately when you hear the EP.  Their poetic lyrical styles, self-expression and the imagery of the lyrics are what makes the EP stand up.  Personal journeys, triumphs and trials, unrealised dreams and hopes, love lost and love found, it’s all in there.  The raw and solid musical arrangements don’t overpower the dynamic of the two vocalists and what they’re offering us.   The balance between the music and vocals is spot on and it’s a very well produced body of work.  These tracks are credible enough to be on the soundtrack of any Cohen brothers or Tarantino film.  I really appreciate this EP and it’s an impressive and authentic debut from them.

‘Death Country’ is about the paths you choose and that the decisions you make have consequences; the experience of this comes through in the vocals.
‘Romance in Morphine’ is a clever title.  The melody of the song has a good pace and is almost lullaby-like, despite the painful subject matter.
‘Brand New Day’ is an upbeat positive take on self-belief; a reflective lyric and a good lesson.
‘Home From The War’ deals with the aftermath of a painful situation and how to move on, it has a sincere melody and the vocals amplify this sincerity as well.
‘Not On My Side’ airs feelings of regrets, opportunities missed and wasted time; an inventive change in the arrangement emphasises this.
‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night?’ has a serious underlying subject but the question and answer vocal format between Emlyn and Laura give this track a quirky edge.

The official EP launch is tomorrow Friday July 15th in the Brewery Corner, Kilkenny

Other upcoming gigs include:
Cleeres, Kilkenny – Saturday July 23rd
The King Kong Club, Whelans, Dublin – Tuesday August 2nd
The White Horse Sessions, Kennys Bar, Lahinch, Co. Clare – Tuesday August 9th



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