The Stoles – New Single ‘Getaway’

The Stoles - 'Getaway'

The Stoles – ‘Getaway’

The Stoles are Andrea, Antonio and Ciaran, an alt-rock trio based in Dublin.  They appeared on my radar over a year ago as ‘ones to watch’ at the summer festivals and were starting to build a credible reputation on the Irish music scene.  ‘Getaway’ is their first single from their forthcoming debut album ‘Age of Deception’ due for release this October.    

Alt-rock may be hard to define, I think it depends on the act and what’s going on with them.  Some tracks are full throttle with heavy arrangements and subjects that may not crossover well to the music listeners.  This track however, doesn’t embody any of the above just mentioned and it’s a very likeable, confident, radio-worthy song with a catchy and memorable hook, that’s fresh and welcoming to the ear.  

The musical arrangement throughout the song has a great pace and energy and it’s not overpowering.  The solo bass riff at the intro means business and then it’s game on and turn up the volume.  It’s a foot-stomping number from start to finish and it amplifies the message of the song.  They’re making a statement and it’s a positive one.  The frustration of a world full of PC and the need to take a break and step back to appreciate your own individuality.

The Stoles have shown us a different edge of alt-rock with this track.  I can’t compare them to anyone else out there right now which is a good thing, they’re unique in what they’re offering.  I’ve a good feeling about them and I think they’re going to be an impressionable force in the industry this year and beyond.  I’m looking forward to hearing their debut album ‘Age of Deception’ in October and seeing them live too. 



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